Two things happened today, at one thrift shop, that I had to write about.

The first is about Barbies. Yes, those plastic, unrealistic, ugly dolls. I loved them growing up, and I don’t have any vendetta against them. However my daughter wasn’t suppose to like them. Hell, she loves them.

I didn’t want her to have any role models or influences that were so physically what society forces us to believe is perfect. The fact of the matter is Autumn is beautiful, but she will never look like barbie. In this era we are in, kids are molded to become mini marketing billboards, and are so focused on outter beauty. I told every person in my family; “buy her dolls, cars, puzzles, batman (she loves batman stuff), mega bloks, but for the love of God no Barbies.” And for the first time ever, they listened and holidays/birthday was Barbie free.

Cut scene to thrift store today- she found a barbie car and barbies. Now, I know Terrance’s mom has some she plays with already but I didn’t realize how much she LOVES them. She shreiked in excitement. I had to buy them for her.

And I realized, I didn’t push a gender specific toy on my child,  she wanted it. She enjoys the clothes, hair, and most of all, the car. As long as I am a strong role model of positive body image, she shouldn’t have any problem.

It just reminds me that society will be ugly- forever and always. It’s my job to show her how to ignore it. To be a part of society but not become it.

Also- Savannah was not a happy camper in the thrift shop, so after a few minutes of her being inconsolable,  we pushed our baskets to the front to leave. We were standing at the counter, literally, waiting to pay when this lady walks up to -me- even though I am not the one holding Savannah, and says “I’m really starting to get a headache can you get that baby to shut up!?” To which I responded “Maybe you should stay home if things that are loud in public hurt your head.”

Honestly, I wanted to say meaner words, because here we are LEAVING the store, and you decide to make a rude comment? We were not done shopping but decided to cut the trip short because we knew it was getting ridiculous. We were not ignoring her and letting her scream, we were holding her and trying to get her to stop.

Ugh. I never. I’ve said things to parents who were abusing their children,  but dammit, kids cry! Get over it.


Catch up: 365 Days of Autumn

Day 12 & 13 Autumn was with her dad, so of course, no photos. It’s going to be a challenge to get him to participate.

Day 14, Autumn wasn’t feeling to good and had a fever that was caused by teething. She wore a top that my mom gave her and jeans that were hand me downs.

Day 15, today, Autumn wore a plaid skirt I bought at Wal Mart and a long sleeve thermal from Wal Mart as well. The top was a bad idea because it was warm out. We are in California, 70 degrees mid- January is pretty normal.

Both photos, she is not very happy.



365 Days of Autumn.

Today, I’m posting for yesterday and today. Days 10 & 11.

Yesterday, she wore an outfit I got from Burlington coat factory for $8 and her cousins hand me down boots. Also, something very special, is her necklace that was specially made by our good griend Sara. She loves the necklace! Also, in the photo I’m posting, she had just gotten into my lipstick.


Day 10

And today, Autumn is wearing a complete hand me down outfit, pieces all separately given to us by different sources. Her dress is from my sister, as are her leggings and boots. Her jean jacket is from a church friend of my dads. She loves her boots and apparently felt very sassy because she started posing after I dressed her.



She is going to her dad’s for the night. I will ask him to send pics of her outfit tomorrow. We will see if he accomodates.

365 Days of Autumn.

Day 9.

Worked. Came home. Took a nap. Went to chuck e cheese. Now it’s late dinner time.

It was a calm day. Hoping to get to sleep early today. Autumn was up til 2am. Had work at 6. ZzzzzzzzzZZzzz.

Her outfit is a hand me down shirt from her cousin and jeans from my sister. She wore her gray boots I picked up at a thrift store for $2. Gray now from Burlington coat factory fo r $1.



365 Days of Autumn.

Day 8.

Busy day. Good day. Mom and I braved taking the two girls (my daughter and sister) to a Chinese restaurant. It proved to be a challenge to keep them both sitting for more than a few minutes.  Then again as a mom you learn how to eat quickly. 🙂

Her outfit is actually brand new. She got it for Christmas from my mom. Its a Doc McStuffin outfit. The jacket is a hand me down from my sister. The sequin head band I made for like less than 30 cents.


Before dinner, bffs


After dinner


Doing her make up before dinner.

365 Days of Autumn.

Day 7.
I’m posting earlier today because I’ve already had to change her. I’ll apologize in advance I may seem like a bad parent right now. Or maybe I will seem like every other working mom with a toddler.  Who knows what people pick on to judge.

Any who, I’m ignoring her right now because one more shaking her head no while screaming no is going to probably make me cry.

Today’s been rough and she didn’t wake til 11:45. Last night Autumn was up til 3am. In complete dark, no tv, no toys. She took an early nap, which I woke her up from SO THAT SHE WOULDNT BE UP ALL NIGHT.

Alas, that plan failed. This girl woke up grumpy as all get out. So I got her dressed, put her in her wagon and took her for a walk. We walked for about 45 minutes and came back because of her runny nose. Of course, I forgot tissue. I brought her in the room and went to get some tissue (took 30 seconds) and came back to her plastic dresser on the floor and everything out of her toiletries/hair basket. She was covered in lotion and hair product.

After I cleaned her and her dresser up, I went to put her clothes in the dryer. I come back to every single piece of clothing out of her dresser and in her wagon.

I put those clothes back in the dresser,and went to find something in the pantry for lunch and she’s screaming and pushing me away from the kitchen.

She does this each time I’m in a kitchen. I could make a joke about how she doesn’t feel women belong in the kitchen, but I’m seriously getting very frustrated with it. I can’t do dishes, not even one bottle. I can’t cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner – I can’t even cut up a damn orange. I can’t serve food onto a plate. I can’t bake cookies. I can’t look in the pantry! Every. Single. Time. I have to hide from her or wait till she’s asleep. She’s never been traumatized in the kitchen, as far as I know. I try putting her on the counter while I work but that isnt what she wants. Everyone tries to hold her and distract her but it’s like performing an exorcism.

She isn’t the tantrum type, but when I’m in the kitchen she is.

So now I’m sitting in the room while she climbs in and out of the wagon while watching Dora. She couldn’t care less about me. But instead of making her lunch, I have to sit where she can see me when she wants to check on me.

I’m hungry. And she busted her lip earlier on this wagon and she continues to climb in and out. I tell her to sit nicely or be careful and she screams “NO!” and shakes her head furiously.

Someone, help?

Oh btw, this is her outfit today. Sweater dress bought by her parternal geandmother at the goodwill for $1. Stockings and sweater are hand me downs from my baby sister. Boots are hand me downs from her cousin.



And this is her moments before busting her lip: